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Tiny Gardens, Big Revolution.

A tiny garden can be grown on porches, parking lots, rooftops, and just about anywhere the sun shines. An abundance of nutrition can be created even when no land is available. Vegetables, flowers, or herbs can all grow in small spaces like a wooden box, burlap sack, crate, plastic bottles, or even old shoes!  

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We offer free tools and resources to change the world together through education about urban and tiny gardening for individuals, families, teachers, schools, and communities. We would love to connect with you as a potential partner, sponsor, or volunteer to continue expanding our community reach.

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about us

Tiny Gardens is a collaboration between Refarmers and Abundant Earth Foundation. We believe that anybody can grow food anywhere with a little creativity and guidance. It is accessible, inexpensive and possible to reconnect with nature, neighbours and cultural roots through small-scale food growing.

We offer free tools and resources to educate how individuals, families, teachers, schools, and communities can grow food even with little space or experience. 

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Abundant Earth Foundation (AEF)  is a nonprofit organization and was formed as a way for the Global Permaculture Movement to unite and better support one another. AEF raises funds for grassroots projects that use sustainable agriculture to benefit both local and global communities. The projects focus on education, supporting youth, women-led projects, refugee camps, and strategies that create regenerative livelihoods in order to pay people to heal the planet’s ecosystems.


Refarmers is a nonprofit organization who utilize regenerative food growing as a catalyst to create positive social and environmental change. Refarmers works with schools, organizations and a network of local partners to create long-term regenerative agriculture solutions that empower people. Refarmers value idigenous knowledge, small-scale solutions, long-term regeneration and clear communication and transparency. Refarmers envision a future where growing food can be the way we solve the world’s problems.


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